Douglas A. Pike
Vice President

Doug resides in Greensburg, Pennsylvania with his wife Jaci and daughter Samantha. After graduation from Grove City College his first job was in the construction inspection field. The college education combined with the experience from numerous job sites including several nuclear power plants gave him the background needed to continue in the engineering field. After a job change, Doug found himself at several sewage treatment plants as and inspector and resident engineer. While resident engineer at the City of Jeannette Municipal Authority sewage treatment plant, Doug was offered and accepted the job of plant superintendent. Although familiar with the plant and plant operation from his previous experience Doug was not certified. After completion of DCA training he quickly became certified, and currently is licensed as a Class A, E Type 1,2,3, & 4 Sewage Treatment Operator in Pennsylvania. Doug, along with partner Mike Henry, recently formed PH Environmental Services, Inc. The company provides quality training and environmental services to water and wastewater facilities.
In addition to the regular submission of the Whiz Quiz, Doug has had several other article published and photographs used for the front cover of the Keystone Water Quality Manager. In 1995 the Operations Forum, a nationally distributed magazine, awarded Doug with honorable mention for his article on problem solving for the first annual contest. Also, in 1995 he received the Excellence in Operations Award by the Western Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Association. This award is given in recognition of plant performance, records, maintenance and good housekeeping. In 1996 Doug was the PWEA high recruiter and was recognized at the annual conference. Also in 1996 he was awarded the Bruno Award by the Western Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Association. This award is given to plant operators for outstanding operations and service to the Association. Under his leadership the City of Jeannette Municipal Authority received the 1997 Pennsylvania Water Environment Association Plant Operation and Maintenance Excellence Award. For three years, from 1998 to 2001, Doug served as PWOD President and Water Environment Federation State Representative. In 1998 Operations Forum again recognized Doug with a third place in the Problem Solving Contest. This article shared several simple solutions to problems around the treatment plant. The Western Pennsylvania Water Pollution Control Association presented Doug with the John Yenchko Meritorious Service Award in 2001. In 2002 he was inducted into the "Sludge Shoveler's Society' when he was presented the Ted Moses High Hat Award at the PWEA annual awards diner. In 2004 Doug was presented a Water Environment Federation Award in recognition of his term as President of the WPWPCA. PWEA again recognized him for giving of himself in the promotion of the association and his environmental accomplishments. This was in the form of the 2005 Yenchko Meritorious Service Award.
Like many others Doug first became a member of the PWEA and Western Section. Later he became a member of the PWOD. While attending meetings Doug was asked to be a committee member and later a chairman. Currently he is a member of the Professional Wastewater Operator, Training Committee, and co-author of the Whiz Quiz for the PWEA. At the local level, he is chairman of the Reporting and Photography committee as well as a member of numerous other committees.
Doug is also the Energy Team leader and an Energy Auditor and an instructor for with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Operator Outreach program. In his spare time Doug likes to archery hunt.

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